World Champion Swan Songs

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December 14, 2015 by bsd987

I noticed the other day that if John Part never qualifies for the World Championships again—certainly as likely a possibility as him qualifying again—his last match would have been a first-round defeat to Keegan Brown. Brown has a wonderful future ahead of him, and a good run this month could get him into the Top 32 for the first time. But it got me to thinking: Have all World Champions gone out to someone as notable as Keegan Brown in their final-ever World Championship appearance?

The answer, of course, is no. Some, such as Leighton Rees, went out to fellow World Champion Eric Bristow. Others, such as John Lowe, hung around, eventually losing to Canadian qualifier John Verwey at the Circus Tavern in 2005, the same year that Keith Deller bowed out to Wolverhampton’s Wayne Jones.

The list is nothing remarkable other than in its complete lack of remarkableness. Some names may get crossed off: Ian White’s place depends on Richie Burnett never finding his form when he returns from suspension, and Simon Whitlock could call off in 2017 if Andy Fordham’s resurgence continues. But it’s fun food for thought nonetheless.

Leighton Rees – 1990 to Eric Bristow
John Lowe – 2005 to John Verwey
Eric Bristow – 2000 to Steve Brown
Jocky Wilson – 1995 to John Lowe
Keith Deller – 2005 to Wayne Jones
Bob Anderson – 2008 to Jason Clark
Phil Taylor – ?
Dennis Priestley – 2013 to Ronnie Baxter
John Part – 2015 to Keegan Brown
Richie Burnett – 2014 to Ian White
Steve Beaton – ?
Les Wallace – 2000 to Richie Davis
Raymond van Barneveld – ?
Ted Hankey – ?
John Walton – ?
Tony David – 2008 to Gary Robson
Andy Fordham – 2006 to Simon Whitlock
Jelle Klaasen – ?
Martin Adams – ?
Mark Webster – ?
Christian Kist – ?
Scott Waites – ?
Stephen Bunting – ?
Scott Mitchell – ?
Adrian Lewis – ?
Michael van Gerwen – ?
Gary Anderson – ?



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